Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Last minute St. Patrick's Day Activities

If you are a procrastinator like me then you are probably ill prepared for every minor holiday. Although it is absolutely not necessary, sometimes I am a big sucker for fun little activities to do with my baby or toddler on these days. But since I am always planning it last minute, that means they need to require little prep. Here are some last minute St. Patrick’s Day activities to do with your baby or toddler:

Rainbow/Four Leaf Clover/Pot of Gold Shaped Pancakes

Pancakes are always an easy last minute, holiday hit. Whether it is for breakfast lunch or dinner, kids tend to love the unique shape or color of a holiday pancake. You can use stencils to create shapes like rainbows, four leaf clovers, or a pot of gold. Other ideas include: food dye to make green pancakes or adding a green fruit like kiwi or making savory green pancakes with spinach or kale.

Jello Sensory Activity

This activity is great for older babies and toddlers alike. You can homemake green jello using lime juice or buy the boxed kind depending on preference/time. Prep the jello by mixing the ingredients, adding it to your mold/pan, and placing toys in the mold before putting it in the fridge to set. Once it has hardened, prep a space for baby to dig out the toys, play, and make mess!

Dance to and Sing St. Patrick’s Day Songs

There are so many playlists on Spotify, Apple, etc. for St. Patrick’s Day. Type in “St Patrick’s Day Songs for ____ (babies, toddlers, preschoolers)” and choose one you like. You can listen to it in the car or have a dance party at home.

Window Art

Window art is an easy prep and minimal mess art activity. Buy some window markers and draw rainbows, a pot of gold, leprechauns, or four leaf clovers. If you have a younger toddler you can draw them first and then have them color them in. Older toddlers and preschoolers may enjoy creating their own drawings. If you don’t have time to go to the store for markers, you can use dyed shaving cream or whipped cream as “paint” for the windows.

Rainbow Painting Activity

For this activity I did have to think a little bit ahead of time. I purchased a small wooden rainbow at the craft store the day before. If your wanting to do something extra last minute, construction paper, a piece of cardboard, or plain white paper with a rainbow drawn on it works just as well. Let them paint the rainbow with paint, color it with markers, or use bingo daubers. If you have a younger baby/toddler make sure you use something that is taste safe.

Pot of Gold/Gold Coin Transferring Activity

Cut out a “pot of gold” from black construction paper and wrap it around an old coffee can, oatmeal tub, milk carton, etc. Then, cut out some “golden coins” from yellow construction paper. Tape or glue the “coins” on the tops of popsicle sticks. Cut a small slit on the top of your container and have your baby add the “coins” to their “pot of gold.”

Read St. Patrick’s Day Books/Blessings/Story Behind/Facts

This one is fairly self explanatory. Find St. Patrick’s Day books at your local library or search for blessings, stories, or facts online. Spend some time reading about the day with your baby or toddler.

I hope that you and your baby or toddler enjoy these last minute St. Patrick’s Day activities.

What activity was your favorite? What traditions did you have for St. Patrick’s Day as a child? Let me know in the comments!

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