Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie offers great insights into holding your ground as an educator and parent. As a fan of her podcast, The Read-Aloud Revival, I wanted to explore her advice on homeschooling.

Teaching from Rest

Sarah mentions in the preface that this book was originally a series of blog posts. In my opinion, the information in this book could have stayed in that format. The text is short and a bit repetitive.

However, there are some great takeaways from the book.

Mackenzie breaks the book down into 3 sections. The first, entitled “Whose ‘well done’ are you working for?” focuses on her notion that all our work should be judged by God alone. Although I understand her sentiment and appreciate the fact that she urges the reader to let go of everyone else’s opinions, it seemed that nearly every paragraph contained a reference to a bible verse. I think the over quoting took away from her own words of wisdom.

Section 2 discusses how curriculum is not something you buy. I recommend all educators read this section. Whether you homeschool or are a classroom teacher, you will benefit. Mackenzie talks about the importance of basing curriculum off of student need, changing things up when necessary (but not too often!), understanding that it’s okay to set something aside for a season, and realizing that you don’t have to hit every topic everyday for it to be impactful. This are all lessons to take to heart. No matter how they are taught, everyone will have gaps in their education. The most important thing we can focus on is teaching our children how to dig deep.

Finally, section 3 being true to yourself. Mackenzie encourages the reader to find your why and be able to explain it. People will judge you no matter what avenue you take in life. Be prepared to explain your why and then let it go. Don’t be tempted to argue.

Though I plan to revisit Teaching from Rest in the future, I am more apt to recommend her book The Read Aloud Revival. For my review of her other book click here.

What “gaps” did you have in your own education? How have you learned to block out other’s opinions of you?

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