Pumpkin Spice Playdoh for Babies

Sensory activities are fine and dandy, but sometimes they require a lot of time and effort on the parent’s part. Time and effort that most parents don’t have. That is why I created a fun and easy pumpkin spice playdoh for babies.

This 3 ingredient pumpkin spice playdoh is a great way for baby to explore fall scents and it’s quick and easy. Also, it’s taste test approved!

All you need is flour, olive oil (or another type of vegetable oil), and pumpkin spice. Mix each of the ingredients together until they form a ball. Then, let your baby explore! This last part can get a little messy, so I suggest taping down parchment paper, newspaper, or plastic on the floor for baby to play on.

Here is the recipe for pumpkin spice playdoh for babies.

Pumpkin spice playdoh for babies

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