5 Ways to Introduce Fall Scents to Baby

Fall is now in full swing and with it comes all the smells and flavors associated with it. I am particularly prone to “jumping in” to each season wholeheartedly. That means my house is decorated, I am dressed to fit the season, and there is a constant stream of pumpkin flavored somethings making their way into my mouth. But, I struggled to think of ways to include my daughter. She’s 8 months old, relatively new to solids, and we aren’t allowing sugar at the moment. Then I remembered that fall scents are just as festive! I came up with 5 ways to introduce fall scents to baby.

1. Diffuser Scents

There are so many great essential oil options for diffusers to help your home feel cozy and warm this fall. Try out scents like cinnamon and cardamom. Just remember that if you have pets some essential oils are toxic. Check here for which scents are pet friendly.

2. Stovetop Potpourri

If you are not into essential oils, another great way to introduce fall scents to baby is stovetop potpourri. I shared a great Apple Pie Potpourri recipe on my Instagram. Be sure to check it out!

3. Used Coffee Cups

Babies love to play with anything and everything their mom’s touch. Since I know you will already be drinking that pumpkin spice latte, just rinse out your cup when you’re done and let baby explore.

4. Fall Recipes

If your baby is old enough to taste solids, make a fall recipe like pumpkin puree, stew, pumpkin bread, pancakes, or muffins. Even if baby is too young for solids, they can still enjoy the scent of your home as you make your comfort dish.

5. Pumpkin Spice Playdoh

Homemade baby safe playdohs are a great way to get all of baby’s senses involved. Jovie loved playing with it, crawling on it, and eating it, so thankfully it’s taste-test safe. Checkout my recipe on Instagram or here.

How are you helping baby explore your favorite fall scents? What’s your favorite activity to include baby in?

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