Fall Sensory Bags

Fall is almost upon us, and it may seem difficult to find activities suited for your young baby that fit the season. I know as a first time mom I am often overwhelmed when thinking about how I can engage my daughter in activities that feel seasonal, yet are appropriate for her age. Most days, I want something easy and mess free, but also fun for her. Can I please get just one thing off my to do list without a baby on my hip? That’s when I decided to whip up some fall sensory bags.

Fall sensory bags are a great activity for babies and make it easy to incorporate seasonal or holiday materials. Follow my steps below to create your own fall sensory activity for baby! Bonus: you can create sensory bags for any time of the year.

1. Pick out seasonal materials.

I took a quick trip to Target and scoped out their dollar and Halloween sections to find various seasonal materials. Items for the bags can be purchased almost anywhere. Materials like glitter, small toys, foam, googly eyes, etc. are great.

2. Find or purchase common household materials.

You will need plastic gallon size bags, masking tape, and water. Optionally, you can use food coloring to create an added layer of fun.

3. Fill the fall sensory bags.

You can create as many bags as you like. I chose to make four, as I found it wasn’t too overstimulating for my daughter. After adding your fall themed items, fill the bag about a third of the way with water and add food coloring as desired. Make sure not to overfill the bag as this could lead to leaks or bursting.

4. Tape down fall sensory bags.

Next, tape each bag down on all four sides using masking tape. I taped mine down in a row so my 7 month old could crawl across them.

5. Let your baby explore.

Finally, once everything is taped down the fall sensory bags are ready for baby to use! Let them explore with their hands, feet, or whole body!

Fall sensory bags are a great way to switch things up during tummy time with younger babies. Older babies will love to roll, crawl, or walk across the bags.

Have you tried making sensory bags? What is your favorite fall activity to do with your kids? Tell me all about it!!

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